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Creating Difference.

As we go through the digital revolution, rapid logistics has become a necessity for building and supporting expanding economies around the globe. This has led to ever increasing strain on the current road logistics infrastructure as there is an exponential increase in traffic and congestion.

Also, governments around the world spend millions on constructing and maintaining roads which moreover take years to build. Only 50% of the world’s roads are paved leaving many communities inaccessible by roads and devoiding them access to basic goods and services.


Unmanned Aviation technology is rapidly developing and becoming safer day-by-day, opening new doors to explore its potential. As new regulations are being formed, this enables the creation of “Aerial Bridges” which are basically regulated flight paths that UAVs can operate in. With aerial bridges there is no requirement for physical infrastructure to be set up and maintained, saving both time and money.

What we do

We at LOGIXAIR believe that Smart autonomous systems can revolutionize logistics and play a pivotal role in reaching out and connecting people around the globe. Our goal is to reshape logistics by building the “Aerial Pick-Up Truck” of the skies- which is an autonomous flying cargo system that can transport 200 Kilograms of payload to any location within a 500 Kilometer radius at economical rates.

Our “Aerial Pick-Up Trucks” complement the existing road transport and provide a flexible alternative to transport of high value and/or high demand cargo.

Aerial Pick-up Trucks.

Our UAVs are designed with an Aerial Trailer Truck Configuration(ATTC) which is inspired from the true workhorse of logistics- The Trailer Truck. The ATTC design features detachable cargo containers of different types- suited for each category of cargo. Cargos like- liquids, perishables, frozen items, medicines, conventional boxes etc. can be carried using the same UAV, without needing any modifications.

This not only makes the loading and unloading process much faster and simpler but also reduces the aircraft’s on-ground time. Moreover, ATTC simplifies maintenance tasks and reduces damages caused to the main UAV body.

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Drone Docks!

The loading and unloading of cargo is a crucial but often time consuming and labour intensive process and is one of the primary reasons for delays in logistics. We at LogiXair, not only focus on automating aerial delivery using UAVs but also making the loading/unloading process automated and simpler.

We introduce “Drone Docks”- a docking platform for our UAVs, which serves as the landing pad as well as the loading/unloading platform. The dock is built as an add-on vertical structure attached to the warehouses. The cargo containers can be loaded/unloaded automatically from the UAV without any human intervention. Being vertical Structures, they occupy minimum ground area and enable Take-off/Landing of UAVs without interference from (or) to ground activities.

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Get In Touch.

If you want to learn more about what we’re doing, or want to join us, please send a message at info@logixair.com

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