“LogiXair provides sustainable aerial logistics solutions by connecting urban and rural centers with a network of Aerial Pick-Up trucks.”

As we live through the digital age, with leaps in technological advancements in every process, commodity and service; we have witnessed the world shrink and people get more connected. And one of the key focuses of these advancements has been to reduce the negative footprint on the environment. It has now become vitally important for all aspects of these processes, commodities and services to adopt sustainable measures. Logistics is one of the key processes and is no exception to this.

The 3Z's of Modern Logistics

About Us

One of the means to achieving a more sustainable logistics infrastructure is automating key processes and introducing new methods of cargo transport.
We at LogiXair, do this by introducing unmanned aircraft based logistics, where we build and operate a network of autonomous flying cargo systems called "Aerial Pick-Up Trucks'' and automatic Drone Docks. Our systems are powered by renewable energy and by employing new route optimization techniques we reduce latency as well as make the whole operation cleaner and greener .


Aerial Pickup Trucks

Taking inspiration from a true workhorse of logistics- the Semi-Trailer Truck, the Aerial Pick-up Trucks are autonomous flying cargo systems that deliver heavy payloads over long distances. Designed specifically to optimize logistics operations, these systems incorporate Vertical Take-off/Land (VTOL) capability with fixed wing flight to increase endurance, efficiency and enable operating from small, congested areas(urban environment, forests, fields etc) with ease.

Cargo Bays

We have incorporated Click- on/Click-off cargo containers that can carry different types of cargo like boxes, pallets, liquids, refrigerated cargo etc. on the same Aerial Pickup truck. As the aircraft lands, the cargo container is removed and a new pre-loaded container is instantly attached onto the aircraft- reducing the on-ground time for loading and unloading operation of cargo.

Drone Docks

Aiming to create a more closed-loop system for the operations and reduce laborious activities of loading/unloading cargo onto the aerial pick up trucks, we employ Drone docks, which automates the loading and unloading operation of cargo containers. These can be installed in locations that service a large flow of cargo like fulfillment centers.

Network of Aerial Pickup Trucks
Aerial Bridges

By incorporating all systems together, we create a network of aerial bridges that connect multiple regions. This network allows faster connectivity of cargo and acts as a regulated low altitude flight line for multiple operators like air taxis and different cargo operators. With the support from the government and regulators, these aerial bridges make a difference in a new working space where multiple operators work together.


Offshore Logistics

Our drone logistics network can assist in transporting goods to offshore rigs, islands and other areas within 500 km where ships and boats would take more time.

Middle-mile Logistics

Our systems act as a complementing solution to current infrastructure solving the limitations of traffic and terrain.

Defense Logistics

Our drone logistics network can deliver military equipment through various terrains in a faster, efficient and economical.

Humanitarian Logistics

Logixair’s drone delivery system can help in delivering necessary aid and other relief aid when all other means of transportation are temporarily halted. Our system can also deliver goods in areas with limited infrastructure.

COntributing to a better world

We aim to develop and promote environmentally friendly technology in developing countries. While also employing local people to help the country’s growth.

Our team is hard at work to develop innovative logistical systems for the future which will be built upon sustainable practices, opening doors for more infrastructure to be built upon the base which we create.

Our systems and strategies will not only improve accessibility to remote areas and reduce delivery times but also create a more robust and sustainable delivery infrastructure that is least susceptible to disruptions(like pandemics) and outreaches people in every corner of the world.

With the majority of oil consumed being used for transportation, it is an alarming fact for the future. We aim to reduce the global carbon footprint by developing an electric-based system for our transportation system based on aerial bridges.



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